*General Rules*

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*General Rules*

Post by ~Amanda~ on Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:04 pm

Okay so just a few general guidelines that will apply to EVERYONE. These will be really simplistic, and as always, exceptions will be made on occasion.

-Absolutely positively no bullying, harassment, or any form of meanness. It won't be tolerated from anyone, and will result in serious consequences.
-No NSFW content posted on Topics, and only 18+ on chat.
-If there is ever any issue, do not discuss it on chat. See an Adult Admin or a Mod(who will report it to an Admin). It will be solved between whoever is involved privately.
-If sending gifts or anything to someone, try and keep it at a $20 maximum for the whole package if sending multiple things. There will me an exception for special events or birthdays, but the price you spend- if anything, is up to you.
-You are allowed to post Wishlists, there'll be a category for it, but please, be respectful. Don't try to guilt or pester anyone into buying anything for you, and you can only post one wishlist, updates are allowed.

This is it for now, but if anyone has any suggestions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact any of the Adult Admins.
Stay safe cuties =^_^=


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