*Adult Rules*

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*Adult Rules*

Post by ~Amanda~ on Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:58 pm

Okay, okay. I know we're adults, but it's only fair to set certain guidelines for us, too.

-NSFW content on the chatbox can only be discussed when NO minors are present. Please, wait for them to leave, don't publicly exclude them and ask them to leave.
-18+ Daddies are to have NO relations with minors. There will be small exceptions to this (i.e a daddy or little just turned 18, after already being in a relationship). Couples who join with a little that is underage, is okay, but do not make it highly known - and the minor must still follow the rules specifically for them.
-Bullying and harassment will absolutely not be tolerated, in any form - Chatbox, messages, or otherwise. If it is reported/witnessed/discovered, the adults WILL receive the harsher consequence- automatic ban for a period of time, chat restrictions, messages deactivated, etc. You're the adult. There is no reason to be arguing with a minor. The minor will also get in trouble, but the adult will get the bigger one.
-Fake names and P.O. Boxes are still encouraged for adults, but is not enforced.
-Any invitations to anyone publicly in the Mean Littles Club must be agreed on by the Admins AND Moderators- this is to unsure the safety of our younger Littles, and make sure that nobody, in either party, will be harassed.

Guys I can't express how much meanness will not be tolerated, from minors, adults, Admins or Mods.
Other than that, stay safe and fun my sweets =^_^=


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