*Specifically For Minors*

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*Specifically For Minors*

Post by ~Amanda~ on Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:50 pm

Since there's a lot of controversy going on right now about whether or not minors should be apart of the DDLG community, these rules are in place to unsure not only your safety, but the safety of all of us. Please please please, be sure to follow all of these. I don't want anyone getting in trouble, or worse, into any possible danger. They're simple enough, and if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, you can speak to myself, or any of the other Adult Admins.

- Minors are only allowed to PenPal with other minors. No adults unless otherwise given permission by an Adult Admin, and okay with everyone on the Admin/Mod team.
- All content between minors is to stay SFW (no sexual conversations, pictures, etc.), on chat or in private messaging.
If minors are discovered to be discussing NSFW content, it will result in a suspension of your messages on the first offense. Second offense will lead to a ban from the program for a period of time.
- Minors are allowed to have daddy/mommy dom/sub relationships with OTHER minors.
- No underage nudes. This will result in an automatic ban with no warning. This includes full AND partial nudes.
- Minors may only use a P.O. Box unless otherwise specified by an Adult Admin.
- Minors are not, under any circumstances, allowed to give out their last name - period. With other minors OR adults. Nicknames are encouraged.

There's a lot of bad rep going on about underage Littles lately, lets prove them wrong and show that you can all be mature, respectful, and safe.
Anyone who doesn't want to follow the rules WILL have consequences.
Any exception to above rules MUST be discussed by an ADULT ADMIN ONLY, no Moderators- and will NOT be discussed publicly - Don't ask on the chat box, and don't announce to anyone that there was an exception made for you, if an exception is made, it means you've proven to be mature enough to handle the responsible and earn our trust, and it will be taken away if you prove us wrong.

Stay Safe, munchkins. =^_^=


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